Aug. 3rd, 2012

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The house doesn't have internet right now - Frontier cancelled us because of non-payment (ie: they messed up connecting to our bank and blamed us) and probably because they didn't want to pay to fix the buried phone line. So my internet is currently restricted to whenever I'm at In Other Words and what I can access on my phone...

...which is quickly dying. As soon as I seriously started planning on getting a new phone, my current started getting buggier and buggier. At this point, I'm going to order the new phone next Friday (or rather Miles is going to do it since I'm on his account ♥). I even know what protective case I'm going to get for it (hint: it's zebra-striped and rainbow-y). The phone isn't the best thing ever, but it's pretty darn good (HTC Vivid) given I can only afford to spend $50 on a new phone...

...because the job didn't work out. I worked several shifts and couldn't deal with the whole working-all-alone-after-two-days-of-training thing. I knew that the job would be a solo shift going into it, but I didn't know I would have an issue with that. So lesson learned, at least for now. Once I have internet again, I'll resume the job hunt. But hey, at least I know I'm hire-able?


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