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Sep. 7th, 2012 02:20 am
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I tend to post really sporadically, which is never particularly intentional, I just...don't feel like I have interesting things to post very often? And recently, I haven't had internet access at my house for a solid month, which has sucked.

So. New things.

* I have internet again! :D We kind of got fucked over by our phone company (Frontier. Booooo.) and our account ended, so we ended up not having internet OR a land line phone anymore. This also meant we couldn't get DSL from another company because, duh, no phone line. We signed up for cable internet from Comcast, which is more that we want to spend, but the house needs internet. So Comcast came out, looked around, and pronounced that our house has never had a cable hook-up, so they would have to dig one in first. So we waited a couple of weeks, and finally the crew came by and dug in the cable line to our house via our neighbor's front yard. Two days later, a technician came out and officially connected us. Then my awesome friend Mike came by twice and finagled our devices into providing wifi to the house. So now we have awesome-sauce internetz at my house after a month of nothing. Yay!

* I got a new phone! I'd had my Motorola Backflip for two years and was thus eligible for a new phone upgrade. I didn't have a lot to spend on it, so after a couple of weeks of research, playing with phones in-store, and spreadsheet making for comparisons, I ended up with an HTC Vivid, which is basically a fuckton better than my two-year-old phone. I got a pretty rainbow zebra-stripe case and a screen protector, and me and my new phone are styling. And it's amazing and I love it to death.

* Two weeks after ordering the new phone, I was informed that Zed and Ryan are probably going to be ditching their phones for financial reasons, so there was a big chance of either ending up as the main line on the account, which I can't afford, or cancelling the contract, which none of us could afford. (The main line would be about $100 a month and the early termination fee is $350.) The good part of this is that I just successfully got my new, New phone working today - Mike, the awesome friend from earlier, and his spouse Laura, let me add a line to their plan, so I'll be paying the same amount for my line with just a few plan differences and with a new number. It sucks that it had to be a new line, but Oregon's a different service region than Las Vegas, so we couldn't just transfer it. It sucks that I had to spend effectively an extra $100 on this though.

* However, Zed and Ryan will be ditching their phones because Ryan has resigned from his job that they're moving back up here in less than a month. They're going to live with Ryan's parents until they have new jobs. While I wish that Ryan would have given more notice about the move (he's been thinking about it for months, but only told the rest of us the week he was resigning), I am proud of him for taking that's step, because he's been miserable for the past year, a lot of which has been due to hating his job. So I'm glad that he's doing something that's going to make him happier. And obviously I'm super happy that I'll be able to see my sweetie (and Zed) a lot more.

* I'm also in the process of setting up a second interview with the Japanese supermarket, Uwajimaya. :D
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