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I'm currently sitting in Starbucks, sipping on iced coffee, listening to the Garbage CD (OH GOD I'M SUCH A FANGIRL), and making my own version of the Beth Ditto graffiti stencil that's been all over my Facebook feed lately. On Sunday, the IOW volunteers are having a brunch and stenciling t-shirts is going to be our crafty project. I'm doing this Beth Ditto stencil, possibly one of Frida Kahlo, and maaaaaybe one of my queenShirley Manson if I have enough time.

This is the stencil I'm copying, which is awesome:

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Here it is.

nsfw: boobs )

I used gouache for the last one and have come to the conclusion that I really need to get a hold of some decent gouache. The $5 is, obviously, pretty crappy.
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My Deviantart account is fully up to date for the first time in...two year? Three? Anyway:

Glamjam @ DeviantArt
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I built the support I'm going to be painting on today. It's 1/8" masonite/tempered board on 1x2" poplar, 9x16.5" in all. The back frame is a smidge too short, so the bottom of the board overhangs a bit, but I don't think it's too noticeable.

nonessential pictures )

I'm going to try and get it gessoed tonight before bed, that way I can start in on it first thing in the morning. :)
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I'm feeling somewhat better today. I'm starting to get the feeling I might not make it through the term before needing to move out, but we'll see what happens.

Here's the sketch for my Amanda Palmer tarot card:

It was approved by the project leaders last night, so I'm prepping today and will start actually painting tomorrow. The painting's going to be 9"x16.5" on board with a wooden support frame in the back, which will also come in handy for hanging it. ;P
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Oh Johnny Simm, why must you be so pretty?

Also, I *just* realized that Paddy Considine is in this for half a second! I watched "24 Hour Party People" before I became Fuzz-obsessed, so uh, I didn't notice him I guess? My, I feel like a bad fan now.

Also, I'm going to make a art journal, I think. I'm having trouble coming up with a username for it, though. Any suggestions...?
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Some of you wanted to see my paintings from the this term and I said I'd post photos, so here they are. Keep in mind that I've never taken a photography class, so I'm horrible at taking pictures of things. ^_^;

WARNING: Biggish images, ahoy! )
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Problem: I'm working on a project for my drawing class involves the use of text. The subjects of my project belong to a circus/freakshow/carnival group and I think naming said group and using the name within the pictures I'm doing would be a good way to fit in some text, you know? However, I have no idea what hell to name them.

Anyone have any suggestions?
I don't really want it to be a "of DOOM" since I sort of use that for everything now. Mostly I just need some suggestions to get my own brain rolling. Anything you mention would be helpful.

Here are my sketches for the project. L-R, T-B: two-headed girl, 4-horned chain-smoking goat, strong man w/ lots of tattoos, knife-thrower and a 4-legged girl.

(Sorry the image is so craptacular, I only have a camera available right now...)

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This is for [ profile] twinklestah because she's been feeling a bit down. Cheer up, sleazebat, things'll get better. <3

Somehow, Askew taking part in the circus just makes all kinds of sense to me. ;3


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