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Today's been ridiculously emo for me, but at least last night was okay.

After my shift at IOW, I had a crafting date with Carri. I had to get a couple of shirts to destroy on the way there, which ended up being spendier than I would have liked. Ah well, I'm not known for my ability to plan well. I made Carri a new Beth Ditto and feminist symbol stencil, since the shirts she made with them last week ended up being to small. We both made shirts that said "f*ck ladylike", which I can't wait to wear. (At some point, I'm going to have to make a post all the new shirts I've gotten lately. Argh.)

Carri's friend Shannon was there, too - I don't know her terribly well, but she's quite nice and sarcastic!. After crafting, discussing the various states of romatic attachments and the etiquette of sex clubs, we had dinner - a vegan pizza, italian soda, minty Newman-Os, and a vegan chocolate ganache-banana cream pie.

We also watched "Whip It", which I'd never seen, but is now one of my favorite-est things ever. (And something I desperately need an icon for.)

Other things of interest:
* I have a job interview on Tuesday at Bullseye Glass
* My healthy project started on the first, but being emo is making it difficult
* Haven't talked to Ryan for almost 5 days

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Copypasta from Facebook:

a glimpse of zines to come )

Also, I got an email that Planned Parenthood was finally hiring some non-bilingual call centers flunkies, so I applied for that.
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I sent out two of my three holiday packages on Monday. Total shipping cost? $50.45 Good thing I love my friends?

I don't want to go to work today, but that's nothing new. At least I'm starting a bit later today AND this is only an 8 hour day, not an 8.5 hours day. (Yes, it makes a difference.) I'm still not sure how long the job is going to last - I know that I'm working through the last week of December, but scheduling beyond that hasn't been posted yet. I asked the assistant manager if he knew anything, but he didn't. Oh well.

Plans are already being made for when I'm unemployed again, however. I have a stack of books to gleefully work my way through, I have big arting plans (once I've excavated my arting area), and I have food plans, which is probably the most important point on this list.

I signed back up with Weight Watchers in November, but I haven't really been able to keep up with tracking because of work and how little I'm home/able to cook. Obviously, once I'm unemployed, I'll have more time on my hands, so I'm going to try doing the healthy-food-eating that I really *should* be doing (PCOS, predisposed for diabeetus, etc). I'm trying to put together a stack of recipes and whatnot before Jan. 1 hits so that I'm not scrambling from the get-go (but I probably will be anyway). The main goal is to eat a shit ton more fruit and veg, cut out a lot of processed stuff, and drastically reduce the amount of sugar I'm consuming (limiting myself to once can of soda per week is likely to be the biggest hurdle). I'm also going to try getting back into yoga regularly, but that's still on the optional side of things.

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