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Unscientific Research Poll

I have a very unscientific bit of research that I would like to conduct and I would greatly appreciate hearing answers from as many people as possible.

Some context: I was recently reading a discussion online regarding a young woman badly wanting a boyfriend and listing possible reasons why she didn’t have one yet. Reading through the discussion, I came upon a comment from a woman saying that she’d rather give up sex and relationships and eat her chocolate in peace. This is paraphrased of course, but she said that most men only want/find attractive women who are slender and that those men who find larger women attractive are freaks and should be avoided.

There were several reasons I was annoyed with this comment/commenter, but most important was that I knew for a fact that her generalizations were incorrect. My own male friends are proof enough of that. I replied to her comment, giving my aforementioned experience with friends as an example. Someone else later replied to my comment saying that they desperately hoped that my example was the correct one.

Thinking about this topic for a few days has made me really want to get opinions from friends. Just how many women actually believe that men have no interest in them or will find them disgusting if they’re not ideally thin? How many men really think like this? Obviously there’s a case to be made, regardless of gender, for someone to be attracted to one body type when consuming media and to be attracted to another type in reality/in actual relationships.

I thought at one point I’d read an article talking about how a lot of body image pressure for girls and women is from the media (duh) and the opinions of *other* women, rather than the opinions of men. I can’t find said article now, though.

So, I would love to get some feedback from people on this:

- men who like/date women, do you find the concept of dating or being with a woman who is heavier distasteful? Do you not mind it, or ever prefer it?

- women who like/date men, what are your experiences relating to this? If possible, could you ask your male partner about this and report back?

- everyone else, I’d love any thoughts you’re willing to share.

Thanks everyone. ♥

(P.S. If you don't feel comfortable commenting in public, feel free to send me private message.)


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