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I'm leaving this here in case I lose the sheet of paper that it's written on. (I has this done at a party tonight - you give the "Dr." a little form that mentions your main point of stress, $ you have to spend on your prescription, whether you have a car, your favorite food, etc. and they write a pleasure prescription for you. It was pretty cool.)

Pleasure Prescription for Mary

Your RX: For your prescription you will host an Indian food-themed potluck dinner party in your home. Invite some of your favorite people that you bring together. At dinner, reflect on the way that each of these people nourish you, create a community around you. At the end of the night, you will create mail art with a letter to your sweetie, reflecting on your evening, as well as write a letter to yourself, reflecting with gratitude on all the love and goodness you offer the world.

Thank you, Dr. Sady & Dr. Gray
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I'm currently sitting in Starbucks, sipping on iced coffee, listening to the Garbage CD (OH GOD I'M SUCH A FANGIRL), and making my own version of the Beth Ditto graffiti stencil that's been all over my Facebook feed lately. On Sunday, the IOW volunteers are having a brunch and stenciling t-shirts is going to be our crafty project. I'm doing this Beth Ditto stencil, possibly one of Frida Kahlo, and maaaaaybe one of my queenShirley Manson if I have enough time.

This is the stencil I'm copying, which is awesome:

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My mom got me a bubble tea on the way home from work. <3


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