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Someone told I should post more. *coughMikecough* So this is me doing so.

*I spent 48 hours with my awesome friends in Beaverton to celebrate bff Laura's 25th birthday. We watched gratuitous amounts of Netflix, ate unhealthily, consumed brownies, and crafted. It was fun and I think Laura ended up having a relatively good day, which was my goal.

* Sweetie and co. have landed in the Pacific Northwest safely, with the 2 cats in tow. Hurrah! It was tough to wait a week to see them (haven't seen sweetie since February), but I'm officially visiting on Tuesday and have been promised makeouts and pony-watching. Not sure logistically how this is going to work since, you know, they're living with his very Catholic parents, but I trust that he's got something planned out.

* I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic 2 weeks ago and have been trying to made healthy changes since them. This is going to get its own post at some point.

* I ventured down to Harry & David's on Tuesday and asked to be considered for seasonal work again. I'm supposed to hear from Carole, the manager, at some point.

* My 2 week bruise of death is finally fading. Hopefully I'll be able to return to plasma in the middle of next week because DAMN, I'm broke.

* I GOT TO BE AN EXTRA ON PORTLANDIA. I WANT TO SAY MORE, BUT I CAN'T. STUPID NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. I'll let you know in January if you can actually see me in an episode. (It would be in one of the feminist bookstore clips, naturally.)

* I've been knitting. It fucking makes my hands hurt, but I've missed it.

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Date: 2012-09-29 05:00 pm (UTC)
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NDA's are annoying, yet necessary.


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